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June 24th, 2010

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Youth and Roses

December 16th, 2009

“Youth and Roses”, installation in November 2009 at Uhrwerk, Kolonie Wedding, Berlin


A semi-transparent summer tent, insect proof, and itself like a cocoon, invites you to lie down and muse about the getting younger and the getting older. The deeper you are stretching yourself into the tent and letting the soul breathe a sigh of relief, the younger you suddenly feel.

Photos: Agnes Domke

A tent made of wooden battens and gauze curtains with pillows inside includes many stages of human development. In its canopy hang objects of my childhood, that are joined with texts, little secrets, childhood memories. Through headphones you can hear a text that throws light on years of youth and adulthood of mine.

Material: wooden battens, gauze curtains, pillows, fabric, birchbark, vinyl, guitar string, cardboard cubes, plastic cube, flannels, stopwatch, alarm clock, tube of glue and other memory items from plastic, paper, cardboard and wood

Ausstellung – Allmutter

November 3rd, 2009

Malerei / Installation / Performance
von Agnes Domke, Niina Braun, Wu Zhi


Freitag, 27.10.09 – Eröffnung 19 Uhr
Samstag, 28.11.09 und Sonntag, 29.11.09 – 14-18 Uhr
im Uhrwerk, Soldinerstr. 103, Berlin-Wedding


September 11th, 2009

“Maphorion”, installation in September 2009 at Loophole, Berlin Neukölln

Schutzmantel 5

In the window of a former brothel is enthroned a Maphorion Madonna (Madonna with protective coat). First there was found a hole in the wall at the occasion of a renovation. It soon emerged into the size of a grot, inside where obviously colours grew in fast motion like elsewhere gems would do over centuries.
The place became a pilgrimage site, particularly as the Madonna under her coat provides protection and survival tips.

Audiofile: SchutzMantelMadonna-MP3

Photos: Agnes Domke

The Madonna is modelled on the example of a Ukrainian Maphorion icon. Her coat is about the size of a comfortable 2 – person tent (diameter: 2.5 meters, overall height: 2.70 meters). There are cushions on the bottom of her coat, where one can sit or lie down while listening to the audio files (a conversation about art and prostitution, and a dream text) with headphones.
Inside her coat banners are attached to give tips on what to do in case of a nervous breakdown.
She is a Maphorionmadonna for artists, prostitutes and lunatics.

Materials: wire, cardboard, cloth


October 2nd, 2008

„News“ Installation, Uue Kunsti Muuseum, Pärnu October 2008

News 1

Photo: Annu Wilenius

An Estonian newspaper from the year 2002 is assembled to create a large size wall and is fixed to the museums wall. After the visitor has said to himself “what’s that?!”, he comes closer and sees that there has been something slightly altered to the newspaper pages. Private photos and small sections of text that have to do with Estonia, Mongolia and the private life of the artist, are mixed in with the newspaper articles and photos. They help the experienced museum visitors, to make interconnections and sense between events from the year 2002, which fate brought accidentally together in a newspaper.

Materials: Newspapers “Postimees”, Photocopies, Gaffa tape

News 2

Photo: Agnes Domke

Ambition. These are so gracious and ambitious children. Six years ago I shared 3 rooms in a wooden house in Tartu with two young Estonian women.One of them was learning for her A levels sitting shaking with cold under the blankets of a large marriage-bed in a gloomy room consisting only of the bed and an old huge black kitchenstove. „We were teached by our parents ambition, to learn and work as hard as we can to get a good education, for that we could later on do good for our country, for that small Estonia would be strong and recognized one day.

Ambitsioon. Need on nii heasoovlikud ja ambitsioonikad lapsed. Kuus aastat tagasi jagasin ma Tartus ühes puumajas kolme tuba kahe noore Eesti naisega. Üks neist õppis eksamiteks suures abieluvoodis tekkide all külmast värisedes oma sünges toas, mis koosnes ainult voodist ja suurest vanast mustast pliidist. „Meile oli eeskujuks meie vanemate edasipüüdlikkus võimalikult kõvasti õppida ja töötada hea hariduse nimel, et me saaks hiljem oma riigile kasulikud olla, et väike Eesti saaks ühel päeval tugevaks ja tunnustatuks”.