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Black Water White Water

Saturday, September 3rd, 2005

“Black Water  White Water”, installation and performance, September 2005, former Titanic Headquarters in Belfast, United Kingdom

Schwarzes Wasser 5

This installation is about the wish to forget. As a magical ghost of paper, I asked people whether there is something they would like to forget. I asked them to write this on a piece of paper, to wrap a stone in it and then to throw it in either white or black water.

Fotos: Nazir Tanbouli

My installation and performance was part of a nonrecurring action of the site responsive working artist group Luna Nera ( It took place in the drawing rooms of the Titanic Headquarters, a former shipyard in Belfast, where once the legendary “Titanic” was designed and built. A gallery in the city accompanied this action for two weeks documentarily.
Belfast is a city with a smouldering religious and ethnical conflict, which affects nearly all residents there. In dense temporal sequence outbreaks of violence occur.
The Irish people, especially within the rural culture have a strong belief of elves and magic.
In a passage space between the main entrance and the construction halls, I built a black and a white basin each filled with water. I made myself a costume from shipbuilding plans that I had found in the building. Visitors were reminded to a “Victorian spirit”.

Materials: paper, plastic sheeting, fabrics, broken glass, slate, wool, stones