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Far East Far West Wisdom

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

“Far East Far West wisdom”, installation and performance in August 2006, UMA Museum in Ulan Bator, Mongolia / collaboration with Christian Richter

UB 13

This installation and performance was the attempt to understand the Mongolian culture, that seemed so strange and far to us, throughout becoming an intrinsic part of it. Through the magic of an extraordinary and convivial situation, we intended to extract a large amount of Far East wisdom from our talks with the visitors.

Fotos: Rasmus Kjellberg, Agnes Domke

We built a yurt made of wire and Mongolian daily newspapers. We painted cardboard boxes in the style of Mongolian nomad wooden chests. On the walls were hung self-made pictures of family memories and laid out on the floor were fabrics and cushions of local silk and cotton designs. For further cosiness, we placed a teapot and a small table with sweets and hard cheese in the middle. Dressed into a European and an Asian imaginary folk dress we invited guests for tea into our yurt. During our performance of several hours we tried to get closer to a core of Mongolian wisdom.
Surprisingly, many visitors were reading the walls of our yurt before they entered.

Materials: wire, news paper, pressboard, cardboard, silk and cotton fabrics, crockery, boots, hard cheese, sweets