Leap in Time

„Leap in Time“ Installation in July 2007 at V. Umbusi Symposium for Site-specific Art, Umbusi, EST

Zeitsprung 7

Photo: Agnes Domke

If once you made a leap into the air and the time stood still there like with the video controller, you’d litter a few pages back in the book, a few decades back in time…
Could we once go to a country where it looks like in ours just thirty years ago. Could we connect with people with different stories… We can!

Photos: Jurate Weiss and Agnes Domke

At the symposium in an old school in Umbusi in Estonia, I have staged photographs with the help of participants and villagers, which should be the same type of photos that I have found in old magazines from the Soviet era there. From these and other found materials, I’ve arranged on a wall of the common room of the symposium an installation that tries to interconnect the past, the passed off, the lost and the present.

Materials: photographs, books, magazines, tin tray

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