Sweetheart in Red

“Sweetheart in Red” Installation and Performance, October 2007, La Farinera del Clot, Barcelona, ESP


In the flower chutes of a former mill lies the stronghold of a greedy matron who is constantly renewing herself through the consumption of dark-eyed young men, who all look similar to the one whom she can’t forget.
The matron is me and one evening I will make my rounds at the mill and talk to young men: Do you know this man here (I show them a photocopy of an old Spanish painting)? Do you know someone who looks like him? Can you give me his address? Yes? What qualities does he have? No? Or maybe your own address …?

Photos: Leo Cayuela

The performance is based on the myth of the Serenada, which is about the sacrifice of a hero as a bull and his rebirth and re-marriage to the Serenada.
I wear a Catalan folk costume and speak to young men as described above, I collect their addresses as identities in the hope that they might even be the successor of the man in the painting. I wrote each of them a very captivating postcard, but received not a single answer.

Materials: photocopies, photos, fabric, twine, foam

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