Installation and Performance since 2002

With my artistic work I like to create environments that enclose the visitor for a short time and then release that person as a slightly different one.
Since 2002 I have worked prevailingly responding to the sites, where I will be showing. That means, that I first look at its history, its atmosphere and connect it with a personal, inner topic. From there an intensive dialogue emerges between the site, the artwork and the visitor.

Painting and Drawing 2003- 2010

East European folk clothes are the inspiration for my paintings and drawings. Textures and how they are shone through by light are often initiating the start for a picture. I am putting layers and structures on top of each other. Energies, directions, additions and rhythms are playing a role. Layer by layer I am intensifying the drawing and working out visual illusions while playing off colour against hatching. On the canvas emerges an amorphous, three dimensional, relief like structure.

Umbusi!- Symposiums for Site- Specific Art 2003- 2007

Together with Christian Richter we have organized over 5 years each summer a symposium of site- specific art in the South Estonian village Umbusi in an old school. Artists from North, East, West, Middle Europe and the United States participated in it. Over the years developed close contacts and many sided artistic collaborations with villagers and children of the village.
The project will be documented on this website soon.