Polar Ger

March 4th, 2008

“Polar Ger”, installation in march 2008 at the Kerava Contemporary Art Museum, Finnland

Eiszelt 4

How would a mongolian ger look if it would be adapted to the conditions at the Polar Circle?
It would consist of blocks of ice, which would provide camouflage on the outside and inside, while the inside is a very warm, magical and cosy place. Its components would have to be so light that they can be taken on a dream trip.
In my Polar Ger the visitor can plunge into my inner world and get to know the one or the other secret of a great internal upheaval. He can stretch out and listen through headphones to a mix of Mongolian and Sami transcendental music and leave oneself to an inner journey.

Photos: Agnes Domke

A tent (diameter: 3 m, height 1.70 meters) from white-painted cardboard boxes is plastered at the entrance with dreams disguised as newspaper articles (in Finnish and in English) about a violent break-up. Inside the tent there are cushions on the floor and open boxes containing personal items and photos of two loves, also a pregnancy is playing a role. One can lay down under a curtain of coloured ribbons and listen to a CD with Mongolian and Sami music.

Materials: Cardboard, acrylic paint, paper, fabric, ribbons, photographs, objects made of paper and plastic

Soundless Walk in the Garden

November 9th, 2007

„Soundless Walk in the Garden“, installation November Hinterconti 2007, Hamburg, D

Geräuschloser Spaziergang 8

„Soundless Walk in the Garden“, is an installation of melancholy, autumn foliage and hills, out of which are looking pieces of evidence of a former love: here a letter, there a drawing, over there a nickname calendar … The air is filled with thoughts and photos, that are moved a little only by opening doors.

Fotos: Agnes Domke

Leaves are scattered in two rooms, in one of them there is a typewriter and on the walls and from the ceiling are hanging memorabilia, photographs, drawings and letters. In the second, smaller room there’s a small orange teddy bear in a crib. The pane is painted with a kind of curtain.

Materials: foliage, paper, bows

Sweetheart in Red

October 21st, 2007

“Sweetheart in Red” Installation and Performance, October 2007, La Farinera del Clot, Barcelona, ESP


In the flower chutes of a former mill lies the stronghold of a greedy matron who is constantly renewing herself through the consumption of dark-eyed young men, who all look similar to the one whom she can’t forget.
The matron is me and one evening I will make my rounds at the mill and talk to young men: Do you know this man here (I show them a photocopy of an old Spanish painting)? Do you know someone who looks like him? Can you give me his address? Yes? What qualities does he have? No? Or maybe your own address …?

Photos: Leo Cayuela

The performance is based on the myth of the Serenada, which is about the sacrifice of a hero as a bull and his rebirth and re-marriage to the Serenada.
I wear a Catalan folk costume and speak to young men as described above, I collect their addresses as identities in the hope that they might even be the successor of the man in the painting. I wrote each of them a very captivating postcard, but received not a single answer.

Materials: photocopies, photos, fabric, twine, foam

Leap in Time

August 1st, 2007

„Leap in Time“ Installation in July 2007 at V. Umbusi Symposium for Site-specific Art, Umbusi, EST

Zeitsprung 7

Photo: Agnes Domke

If once you made a leap into the air and the time stood still there like with the video controller, you’d litter a few pages back in the book, a few decades back in time…
Could we once go to a country where it looks like in ours just thirty years ago. Could we connect with people with different stories… We can!

Photos: Jurate Weiss and Agnes Domke

At the symposium in an old school in Umbusi in Estonia, I have staged photographs with the help of participants and villagers, which should be the same type of photos that I have found in old magazines from the Soviet era there. From these and other found materials, I’ve arranged on a wall of the common room of the symposium an installation that tries to interconnect the past, the passed off, the lost and the present.

Materials: photographs, books, magazines, tin tray


June 3rd, 2007

“Blood (What are you talking about?)”, Performance in June 2007 at Elfquadratmeter, Berlin

Foto: Dirk Dobbrow
Photo: Dirk Dobbrow

A white victim of an unknown act of violence is strolling through the neighborhood of Marienburger Street and asking people curiously: “What are you talking about?” Many of them feel disturbed in the intimacy of their conversation, a few of them are asking back, if they can help somehow.

Photos: Christina Griebel

I wore a white dress that revealed my navel, a wide headband and a mirror on the forehead. From below my chest was dripping with false blood. I went through the front room of the gallery to outside where I interrupted peoples conversations:
“What you are talking about right now?”
“What did you think while talking?”
“How did it feel?”
I strolled once around the block and returned to the gallery. I spoke to people in front of the late-night-shop, in restaurants and on the street. I stopped two cars, where they didn’t talk about anything. I spoke to a child that had just made a mask. I was also asked by three people, whether I needed help and if they could phone for an ambulance.

Materials: fabric, plastic bottle, theatre blood

Duration of performance: one hour