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Polar Ger

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

“Polar Ger”, installation in march 2008 at the Kerava Contemporary Art Museum, Finnland

Eiszelt 4

How would a mongolian ger look if it would be adapted to the conditions at the Polar Circle?
It would consist of blocks of ice, which would provide camouflage on the outside and inside, while the inside is a very warm, magical and cosy place. Its components would have to be so light that they can be taken on a dream trip.
In my Polar Ger the visitor can plunge into my inner world and get to know the one or the other secret of a great internal upheaval. He can stretch out and listen through headphones to a mix of Mongolian and Sami transcendental music and leave oneself to an inner journey.

Photos: Agnes Domke

A tent (diameter: 3 m, height 1.70 meters) from white-painted cardboard boxes is plastered at the entrance with dreams disguised as newspaper articles (in Finnish and in English) about a violent break-up. Inside the tent there are cushions on the floor and open boxes containing personal items and photos of two loves, also a pregnancy is playing a role. One can lay down under a curtain of coloured ribbons and listen to a CD with Mongolian and Sami music.

Materials: Cardboard, acrylic paint, paper, fabric, ribbons, photographs, objects made of paper and plastic