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Soundless Walk in the Garden

Friday, November 9th, 2007

„Soundless Walk in the Garden“, installation November Hinterconti 2007, Hamburg, D

Geräuschloser Spaziergang 8

„Soundless Walk in the Garden“, is an installation of melancholy, autumn foliage and hills, out of which are looking pieces of evidence of a former love: here a letter, there a drawing, over there a nickname calendar … The air is filled with thoughts and photos, that are moved a little only by opening doors.

Fotos: Agnes Domke

Leaves are scattered in two rooms, in one of them there is a typewriter and on the walls and from the ceiling are hanging memorabilia, photographs, drawings and letters. In the second, smaller room there’s a small orange teddy bear in a crib. The pane is painted with a kind of curtain.

Materials: foliage, paper, bows