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Friday, September 11th, 2009

“Maphorion”, installation in September 2009 at Loophole, Berlin Neuk├Âlln

Schutzmantel 5

In the window of a former brothel is enthroned a Maphorion Madonna (Madonna with protective coat). First there was found a hole in the wall at the occasion of a renovation. It soon emerged into the size of a grot, inside where obviously colours grew in fast motion like elsewhere gems would do over centuries.
The place became a pilgrimage site, particularly as the Madonna under her coat provides protection and survival tips.

Audiofile: SchutzMantelMadonna-MP3

Photos: Agnes Domke

The Madonna is modelled on the example of a Ukrainian Maphorion icon. Her coat is about the size of a comfortable 2 – person tent (diameter: 2.5 meters, overall height: 2.70 meters). There are cushions on the bottom of her coat, where one can sit or lie down while listening to the audio files (a conversation about art and prostitution, and a dream text) with headphones.
Inside her coat banners are attached to give tips on what to do in case of a nervous breakdown.
She is a Maphorionmadonna for artists, prostitutes and lunatics.

Materials: wire, cardboard, cloth