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Youth and Roses

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

“Youth and Roses”, installation in November 2009 at Uhrwerk, Kolonie Wedding, Berlin


A semi-transparent summer tent, insect proof, and itself like a cocoon, invites you to lie down and muse about the getting younger and the getting older. The deeper you are stretching yourself into the tent and letting the soul breathe a sigh of relief, the younger you suddenly feel.

Photos: Agnes Domke

A tent made of wooden battens and gauze curtains with pillows inside includes many stages of human development. In its canopy hang objects of my childhood, that are joined with texts, little secrets, childhood memories. Through headphones you can hear a text that throws light on years of youth and adulthood of mine.

Material: wooden battens, gauze curtains, pillows, fabric, birchbark, vinyl, guitar string, cardboard cubes, plastic cube, flannels, stopwatch, alarm clock, tube of glue and other memory items from plastic, paper, cardboard and wood